What is "A Reyvateil's Melody"?

A Reyvateil's Melody, or ARM for short, is an English international web forum. ARM humbly began with an awe inspired group of gamers who were moved by Gust's Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia. Whether it was the series' unique storytelling, intriguing character graphics, jaw-dropping musical composition, or felt compelled by the Cosmosphere concept, every ARM member could tell you what lured them to A Reyvateil's Melody.
レー ヴァテイルズメロディ(A Reyvateil's Melody、略称ARM)は、主にアルトネリコに関する議論をするために作られた、国際的な英語フォーラムです。ARMのメンバーは、アルトネリコの独 特の世界観・個性的なキャラクター達・コスモスフィアの概念・驚くほど素晴らしい楽曲など、様々な理由からアルトネリコシリーズに惹かれて、ARMに参加 しています。

Sharing in the score of creative outlets in the Ar tonelico and surge concerto series, ARM continued to grow with members coming and going. Today, ARM is just as passionate, if not more so, as members of ARM continue to share our love and appreciation for not only the the Ar tonelico and surge concerto series made by Gust, Inc., but also other video game and anime studios!

About the Doujin Circle:

We are a fellowship of artists, musicians, and designers wanting to express our love and appreciation for both our individual crafts and studios like Gust, Inc. We chose to do Doujin, or Indie, work as a way to connect with you, a fellow fan of great art, music, and more.
当 サークルは、フォーラムサイト「A Reyvateil's Melody(レーヴァテイルズメロディ)」に世界各国から集まった有志のメンバーたちが、株式会社ガスト(現在、株式会社コーエーテクモゲームスのガス ト長野開発部)の作品への愛を表しつつ、世界中の同作品群のファンに向け、イラストや音楽などの二次創作及びオリジナル創作を提供する事を目的とした同人 サークルです。

We are primarily fans of the Ar tonelico and the surge concerto series, but we also love other anime and video game series', too!